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Many Christians in India are interested in the tract ministry. Many missionaries, evangelists, pastors, and Christians in India want evangelistic tracts. This website attempts to list places in the USA and India where you may buy tracts in the languages of India. I am attempting to list only doctrinally sound tracts. I need your help to tell me if any of the ministries below are not doctrinally sound. If there is a tract ministry that is not doctrinally sound on this list, please write me at
If you have another tract ministry that you think should be on this list, please write me.

100 Languages - Living Waters

Bible Baptist Bookstore

Bible Believers' Evangelistic Association

Bible Society of India

Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) Four Spiritual Laws

Chick Publications

Christian Helps Ministry

Christian Tract Ministry
This website will tell you where to find tracts in hundreds of languages. It will tell you the name of the reseller and the website. Four Spiritual Laws

Ethnic Harvest

Evangelical Literature Service - Christian Books India


Faith Prayer and Tract League India

Fellowship Tract League

Four Spiritual Laws

Free Cartoon Tract

Free Evangelistic Cartoon Tract in 38 Languages

GLS India

GO Evangelism Ministry

Gospel Comics

Gospel Printing Mission

Gospel Tract Society

Grace & Truth

Here's Life

Hope Tract Ministry

India Bible Literature

India Bible Literature is a good place to buy evangelistic Christian tracts in India. I have been told by a missionary and evangelist from Andhra Pradesh, India, that this place is his favorite place to buy Christian tracts in India. They print millions of tracts each year. The ministry is located in different states of India. Please contact the ministry and ask them if there is a printing ministry in the state you are interested in. I have been told by the ministry that they have tracts in the major languages of India: Hindi, Oriya or Odiya, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Telegu, Punjabi, Kannada, and Gujarati.
In the past, I think they sold English, Marathi, Nepali, Urdu, and Assami tracts. They will probably sell these languages in the future. Please go to the website to see what languages they have in stock now.

Last Chance Ministries


Life Redemption Mission

The Little Red Book Gospel Tract

Living Waters

Malayalam Christian Tracts

Messages of God's Love Multilingual

Moments With The Book (MWTB)

Moses on Missions

The Most Important Story

Multi-language Media

No Frontiers

North American Mission Board

One Hundred Languages

Operation Moblization Bookstore Locations in India
These bookstores in India might have tracts.

Philadephia Brethren Assemby

Pilgrim Tract Society

Power to Change Four Spiritual Laws

Revival Movement Association

SGM Lifewords - England


Step Up to Life

Tamil Baptist Church

Tamil Christian Assembly

Tamil Christian Prayer Church

Tamil Christian Tracts

The Tract League

The Missing Peace Trust

The Way From Scientific Thinking to Faith

Trinitarian Bible Society

Trinitarian Bible Society
Tamil tracts

World Christian Tract Finder
Please click on Language and then the first letter of the language you are looking for.

World Christian Tract Ministry

World Missionary Press

India Christian tracts

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